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New York, United States
Speaks English

Expertise in Education Development

Given my 20 years related experience stemming from Harter, Secrest & Emery, LLP to Yonkers Public Schools to Nassau BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services), which is a comprehensive Government Nonprofit that has positioned me to be a Nationally focused operational and revenue producing Executive creating a legitimate brand in the Bertrand Education Group (B.E.G). As a business solutions entrepreneur, I have been responsible for managing part of a $58 Million Dollar Budget that included a portfolio of funded programs (Fee for Service, Continuing Education and STEM) that all enabled me to apply my leadership experiences to organizations desiring quality sustainability, social impact and/or enhanced services within various cross-sector markets (K-12/Charter, Investor Relations, Economic and Workforce Development).

I previously implemented a Total Quality Management Operational System (TQMOS), which is applicable to most industries (Biotech, Philanthropy, Health and Human Services) focused on the following;
(1) Minimizing Operational Liabilities; (2) Ensuring Fiscal Solvency; and (3) Increasing Revenues and Visibility. My preceding approach describes a business philosophy geared toward continuously enhancing the quality of products and processes consisting of several elements to maximize institutional growth, customized personnel development and organization redesign process, including P&L.

Additionally, B.E.G's strategic partner (Student Behavioral Health Group, LLC) can assist school professionals in addressing student behavioral health, school climate and safety issues. The goal is proactive risk management through clear policies, model prevention and early intervention programs customized to school needs as part of our Human Services component.
Questions I can answer:
What are the essentials to building an organization to scale as it relates to health, education and/or workforce development?
Is there a uniform health care system within emerging markets that have limited resources?
How can you fund an initiative that will directly/indirectly be linked to a country's local economy?
How do you design and/or integrate effective leadership systems?

St. John's University

Visiting Lecturer

2018 - Present (4 years, 1 month)
Doctoral Level course that introduces students to scholarship related to culturally relevant pedagogy for marginalized and underrepresented populations. Students will examine the manifold influences of culture—including factors such as race, socio-economic status, place, gender, and language—on teaching and learning within and across in-school and out-of-school contexts, including industry workplaces and emerging markets. They will also explore opportunities and challenges to promote culturally relevant learning and to foster social and cultural justice for students, families and varied communities.
National Education Foundation


2015 - Present (6 years, 9 months)
Our philanthropic initiative is to provide one (1) million students from disadvantaged communities, a world-class STEM education (Academics + Application+ Hands-on Robotics + Career Pathway) with 80% matching grant from the National Education Foundation (NEF), a global non-profit leader in STEM Education and State University of New York (SUNY), our strategic partner and the largest comprehensive university system in the U.S.

The catalyst for all of the above are due to major concerns about U.S. innovation and global competitiveness combined with new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for learning organized around engineering design as a topic for student inquiry and entrepreneurship. It is our committed goal to prepare and support disenfranchised students, millennials (youth) and Social Entrepreneurs in making engineering a substantive part of their content knowledge and/or pedagogical practice for innovative sustainability.
Building Community Bridges, Inc.

Board of Directors Member

2014 - Present (7 years, 12 months)
As Chairman of the Educational and Workforce Initiatives Committee, I provide strategic educational leadership and guidance as it pertains to organizational governance and accountability. Serve as an advisor to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as she develops and implements BCB Inc.'s short to long term strategic plan within Togo and Ghana, Africa focused on education, health and environmental initiatives (Philanthropy).

Ensure fiduciary compliance by extensively reviewing BCB’s annual budget, audit reports and other fiscal parameters. Promote the mission and accomplishments of BCB with the goal of securing new partnerships and funding streams for longevity towards education, healthcare and STEM. Collaborate with the CEO and other Board Members to ensure that board resolutions are executed as well as act as an ambassador to Building Community Bridges, Inc. on a global platform to maximize growth and visibility.
NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services

Bertrand Education Group, LLC

2014 - Present (8 years, 2 months)
Authorized to provide educational services, operational advisory and leadership development to any New York City Government agency that has included New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York City Human Resources Administration ($9 Billion Dollar Organization) and New York City Department of Education. Some specific client trainings included strategic communications (public relations), Business to Business (B2B) synergy for growth, teacher and school leadership preparation, fiscal analysis and/or effective workplace management.
The Bertrand Education Group (B.E.G)

Founder and Managing Director

2012 - Present (10 years, 2 months)
Social Entrepreneurship within the nonprofit industry that includes education programs, financial services and biotechnology. Our portfolio has included some start-up companies through Angel Investments to notable pharmaceutical entities (i.e., Clovis Oncology, Thermo Fisher, Cardinal Health, etc). We reinvested our net proceeds to support philanthropic initiatives in conjunction with Fortune 500 companies to support humanitarian, education and health efforts (i.e., Room to Read, Youth Career Initiative, Annual Breast Cancer Sponsorship) to ensure helping others.

Executive background in training Nonprofit/ School leaders on managing multi-site operations with measurable outcomes. An ability to motivate and position any personnel for optimal individual and/or organizational performance based on sound business solutions (TQMOS); and procedural development to ensure legal compliance and personalized response.

We also provide counseling to secondary and adult populations, which may include an IEP (if applicable), data-driven outreach and prevention programs targeting at-risk groups. The preceding service is also available through our strategic partner, so to experience an up close and personal interaction with B.E.G, please request to join our exclusive discussion group on LinkedIn!