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As the pace and complexity of work increases, faster access to the right expertise can give you an edge.
On a 45 minute call the OnFrontiers expert was able to quickly orient us on the key issues and reform actors, which allowed us to move forward efficiently with our capture planning and ultimately win the proposal.
Jason Schwarz
Senior Director at Tetra Tech DPK

How it works

Experts you need, when you need them.

Request an expert

Specify your questions and ideal expert on any topic

Get matches in hours

Choose from candidates we vet according to your brief

Connect confidentially

Dig into your topic and get your questions answered directly

Continue engaging

Relationships with expert evolve according to your needs
As soon as we saw the project and understood the budget we had available, we knew we wanted to use OnFrontiers. Even if we had been able to go into the field, I’m not convinced that we would have been able to get the insights we would have needed without the experts OnFrontiers provided.
Carla Legros
Project Manager at Dalberg Global Development Advisors

Benefits of the OnFrontiers platform

Privacy & Anonymity

Projects are hidden from public view, and details about you and your firm are hidden from Experts unless you choose to share them.

Compliance Checks

Conflict evaluation and confidentiality provisions make OnFrontiers a safe place to engage on commercially sensitive topics.

Knowledge Management

Easily access your go-to experts and data from past expert engagements completed by you or your teammates.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ll happily match you with another Expert if you feel that your request wasn’t adequately fulfilled, or give you a refund.

Flexible engagement types

Experts on any topic, in any market, in under 48 hours.


Connect with an expert for a phone call, meet-up, or written Q&A

Contract engagement

Hire an expert for a short or long-term consulting engagement


Find an expert to join your team or proposal for ongoing advisory

Permanent hire

Hire an expert for a full or part-time position on your team or proposal
For OnFrontiers to identify Chadian health supply chain experts that are also from Chad speaks volumes about their services. These experts were able to not only speak about the technical area, but were capable of providing insight on how it relates to the local context.
James Legerme
Senior Recruitment Manager at Chemonics International

Platform benefits

Standard with every plan

Get experts matched to your spec

Experts are custom matched and screened based on highly specialized criteria that goes beyond what is on an expert’s CV or public profile

Engage safely and efficiently

Our compliance platform, anonymity options, and privacy settings, give you control you need to engage your network securely

Unlock valuable relationships

Experts you engage through OnFrontiers may be re-engaged directly by you and your colleagues without additional introductory fees or restrictions

Build and share your expert network

Experts and data from projects are added to a knowledge base that can be shared across your organization or with partners to capture new opportunities

Collaborate effectively and efficiently

Secure messaging, payments, call recordings, and transcripts are just a few of the features that help you work faster and smarter

Get the support you need to succeed

A research manager supports every project and a dedicated account manager helps teams deploy OnFrontiers to achieve their goals
I learned a ton speaking with OnFrontiers experts on a topic for which there was very little information online and through desk research.
Bobby Patel
Associate Principal at CrossBoundary

Grow your internal expert network

Experts you meet on OnFrontiers can be freely re-engaged across your organization as suits your business needs. We can even integrate your experts to create a holistic expertise management solution that enhances your competitive advantage.

Featured Experts

Louise McCarthy
London, United Kingdom (UK)

An Expert in Digital Transformation in United Kingdom | fmCOO - CIO Global Group Digital Transformation at HSBC
Astria Fataki

An expert in energy and public private partnership
Felix Liu
Hangzhou, China

Head of Corp Admin and Workplace Management at Alibaba Group
Michael Fischetti
Washington, DC, United States

Federal Acquisitions | Contract Management | Military Healthcare System | J.D. , MBA,

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