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Washington, United States
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Cemetery Operation | Gravesite Engineering | Valve Operation | High School

Daniel Manning Jr, works with local, state and Federal agencies in United States to plan, direct, coordinate and implement engineering as well as basic control data and historical records using his expertise in cemetery operations, gravesite engineering, maintenance and repair.

Daniel has 35 years of professional working experience and he holds many certifications from federal government, in contracting and engineering.

He worked with US Army Corps of Engineers as Engineering Team Lead to maintain the water service lines for breakage and flushing the system.

Prior to his most current work as Engineering Technician/ Quality Assurance at Arlington National Cemetery, Daniel was the Maintenance Specialist for United States Department of Defense.

Arlington National Cemetery • United States (U.S)

Engineering Technician/ Quality Assurance

2005 - 2020 (15 years, 4 months)
Responsible for planning, directing, coordinating and implementing gravesite engineering as well as basic control data and historical records within Arlington National Cemetery. Serve as a point-of-contact concerning geodetic survey data that is pertinent to areas within the cemetery's boundaries. Coordinate, evaluate and authorize all site construction and filed work associated with memorial marker planning and placement. Create reports and recommendations on above marker planning and placement. Utilize Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS) and Information Management systems. Serve as liaison for all private memorial contractors and vendors as it relates to memorial selection, planning and placement. Under direction of superintendent, assist families in locating special grave plots and locations of family members. Survey areas in the new section of cemetery for preparation of new burial of control points using maps and other surveying equipment. Prepare daily Funeral Sheets for locating new graves by map and section (for internment section) and placing number and location on computerized map. Certified Contracting Officer Representative (COR) for the largest headstone contract in the Nation; monitor, evaluate and coordinate the contractors in their daily operations. Task with the redesign and replacement of the traditional chair covers At Arlington National Cemetery. Fulfilled all stages of the project from planning to presenting the final product that is now used for all funerals.Served as a chairman on the SSEB ( sole source selection) in evaluating contracts for new bids with Department of the Army. Utility Locating certification obtained for the state of Virginia.
Fairfax County Government, Storm Water Management • United States (U.S)

Labor Crew

2001 - 2005 (3 years, 3 months)
Lead a crew consisting of MEO, Heavy Equipment Operators, and Labor III workers;
Prepare weekly time attendance for entire crew;
Responsible for daily preparation of work orders and assignment of tasks;
Conducted daily inspections of Fairfax County’s storm systems by utilizing maps and pond identification numbers;
Appointed the responsibility to supervise crews in absence of Foreman;
Respond to citizen’s complaints involving blockage to storm water ponds;
Remain on call during inclement weather to react quickly to emergency situations, including but not limited to storm removal and flood prevention;
Assisted with snow and ice removal by operating snowplows, pay loaders, skid loaders, backhoes, and trucks mounted with snowplows and sand/salt spreaders;
Assists in the installation, construction, replacement and repair of various structures (storm drains, manholes, yard inlets, grounds and roads);
Performed roadway and sub-base preparation;
Loaded and transported, graded and compacted new asphalt;
Delivered tools, equipment, materials and supplies to job sites;
Loaded, removed, transported, and disposed of construction debris;
Preventive maintenance on BMP and SWM detention ponds such as blockage removal, trash rack and plate replacement;
Performed required vehicle maintenance checks;
Operated crew vans, pickup trucks, dump trucks and utility trucks. Operated a variety of small engine equipment. Participated in daily work crew activity such as concrete and asphalt work, basic storm and sewer work, and assisted with masonry and carpentry work.
Pentagon REF WHS Federal Facilities Division

Maintenance Mechanic WG4749/10

2000 - 2001 (1 year, 9 months)
Responded to service calls placed by high ranking officials regarding malfunctioning or inoperable domestic heating equipment; refrigeration and air conditioning equipment; kitchen and domestic equipment (dishwashers, electric ranges, washers, dryers and garbage disposals); shop and laboratory equipment (cranes and hoists, battery chargers, paint drying ovens); and plumbing, utility, supply and disposal systems (clogged or broken pipes and fixtures, hot water heaters, storage tanks, and sump pumps);
Operated electric carts to transport tools, equipment and self to work site;
Performed plumbing work that involved removing, cleaning, replacing, caulking and sealing defective parts (elbows, union joints, tile pipes, faucets and shower drains), small sections of water, sewage, and utility systems;
Utilized tools and equipment such as tapes, rules, hacksaws, hand and peer pipe threaders and cutters, packing and caulking irons, and pipe wrench;
Operated all equipment to produce and control the amount of steam/high temperature water necessary to meet demands;
Replaced filters in air handler units;
Removed assemblies and then reassembled after cleaning filters, strainers, ignition electrodes and adjusted dampers;
Removed and installed steam valves, worn out steam nipples and all steam weather master units in the Pentagon;
Removed and installed sewage injection pumps and replaced water fountain parts;;
Work in the Building Operation Command Center documenting service related calls and complaints.
United States Department of Defense • United States (U.S)

Maintenance Specialist

2000 - 2001 (1 year, 12 months)
Left after 911 . 911 victim of the tragic time;
The mission of the Department of Defense is to provide military forces necessary to protect the security of our country. The U.S. military defends the homeland, deters adversaries, and builds security around the world by projecting U.S. influence and working with allies and partners. In case deterrence fails, the U.S. military is prepared to fight and win decisively against any adversary.
US Army Corps of Engineers • United States (U.S)

Engineering Team Lead / Valve Crew Leader

1990 - 2000 (9 years, 9 months)
Leader of the utilities and installation of DOD public water to District of Columbia and Northern Virginia. Maintain the water service lines for breakage and flushing the system for WASA. Maintain all the high point of the city for DC connection .Assist in the Pen REN project Pentagon.
Small Business Administration • United States (U.S)

Control Clerk/Clerk Typist

1980 - 1990 (9 years, 8 months)
Assisted mail coordinator in the distribution of the Regional and District Standard Operational Procedures;
Operated postal equipment such as envelope sealer, scale, folder and inserter;
Sorted incoming mail as well as filed and tracked all certified mail receipts;
Maintained a database of all receipts that were kept on file;
Delivered mail to multiple offices located within the Small Business Administration;
Used office equipment such as computer, copier, fax machine and calculators;
Served as a back-up driver to ensure that high-level officials were taken to offsite meetings;
Served as a back-up messenger to deliver official documents to a variety of other field office in the Washington Metropolitan area.

High School Diploma

Spingarn Senior High School

? - 1980