Case Study

Can satellite solutions fill the Angolan government's communication needs?

About the Client
The customer was evaluating opportunities to provide satellite solutions for government operations e.g. disaster management, e-health and rural connectivity.

The Objectives
Understand ICT connectivity challenges in Angola.
Brainstorm current or future government initiatives that could be serviced by satellite connectivity.
Gain insight into current events or industry factors that could impact market entry for new entrants, especially in the satellite space.

The Experts

Radio Frequency | Satellites | Telecommunication | English | Angola
Luanda, Angola
Eyal Avner works with telecommunications sector to build and commission wimax and RF telecom solutions in Angola using his expertise in Radio Frequency, Satellites, and Telecommunication .

Eyal has more than 15 years of professional working experience and he studied in Holon Institute of Technology.

He worked with Infrasat as CTO. Infrasat is a provider of satellite bandwith over Angola in C-band Ku Band for Data , Native voice , Internet and backhauling services + DTH DVB TV broadcast channels.

Prior to his current work as Technical Services Specialist at Infrasat , Eyal was the Customer Support Engineer for Verint.
Business Management | New Business Development | Profit and Loss | English | Portugal | MsCS
Lisbon, Portugal
Nuno Ribeiro works with telecommunication companies in the Northern part of Africa and Portugal to improve the general management system using his expertise in new business development and financial statements.

Nuno has over 29 years of experience working with telecom businesses and received his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Instituto Superior de Informatica e Gestao.

He managed an ICT outsourcing business division for top 50 customers with full P&L responsibility in each outsourcing contract and sales management with more than 16,000 customers, 40 sales representatives, and 77M€ turnover.

Prior to his current work as a Manager Director at PROEF IT, Nuno was a Systems Engineer at IBM.

Nuno has worked with clients in Morocco, Angola, Malaysia, and Portugal.
The insights from on-the-ground experts added depth and nuance to information we had put together from various reports. This helped us to paint a more realistic picture of the situation in Angola and better assess the business opportunity for our client...
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