Case Study

What is the market outlook for animal feed in Nigeria?

About the Client
The customer was kicking off a due diligence engagement that needed to be complete within a week and wanted a “crash course”.

The Objectives
Local poultry market, local aquaculture market, local feed market
Including demand drivers, structure, key players, industry dynamics and to validate the future outlook for the sector.

The Experts

Fishery economics, marine policy and toxicology
Akure, Nigeria
An expert on fishery economics, international marine policy, toxicology study of the aquatic environment and fish post harvest techniques in the tropics. Dr. Funmi Agbebi has experience working with a range of government, donor agency, and international organization actors.
Feed and flour milling in africa
olhao, Portugal
Business professional with over 19 years experience in leading management positions (GM and MD level) driving new businesses to success, turning businesses around or pushing profitable enterprises to new boundaries. Specialized in Start ups, animal feed, flour milling and pasta industry, Green Field site projects in a general management role, Marketing & Sales, developing new products, cost control and procurement locally and internationally are the main areas of expertise.
OnFrontiers lined up three top-notch local experts within days that put our client at an informational advantage.
Engagement Manager
Management Consulting Firm
Talking to local experts gave us more confidence in our depiction of the market opportunity to the client.
Engagement Manager
Management Consulting Firm

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