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The call consultation was a great experience. Your mission aligns with my passion to open up new business opportunities for others.
Rafael Castillo-Triana
CEO Latín América and Emerging Markets at The Alta Group

Why do business professionals seek out Experts?

Here are just a few reasons why…

Building an investment case

Evaluating business growth potential

Validating existing research

Navigating potential partnerships

Types of engagements you can complete


Connect with a client for a phone call, meet-up, or written Q&A

Contract engagement

Get hired for a short or long-term consulting engagement


Serve as an ongoing advisor or in a board capacity

Permanent hire

Sign on for a full or part time role for a company or major project opportunity

Benefits of becoming an OnFrontiers Expert

Share insights

Your insights will have influence with international organizations and multinationals

Learn & expand

Keep pace with the changing needs of clients, expand your audience and knowledge base.

Monetize knowledge

Set your own hourly rate and get compensated immediately after a client project

Build relationships

Introductions can lead to long-lasting and enriching client and professional relationships

Supercharge your professional and business growth

Compatible with your day job

Engage safely within our platform and rigorous compliance framework.

Engage on your terms

Set your time and hours and evaluate requests that make sense for you.

Use your specific expertise

We scan a global client base to find you clients interested in your unique knowledge.

Extend your client base

Engagements are only additive to your existing client relationships.

Featured Experts

Louise McCarthy
London, United Kingdom (UK)

An Expert in Digital Transformation in United Kingdom | fmCOO - CIO Global Group Digital Transformation at HSBC
Astria Fataki

An expert in energy and public private partnership
Felix Liu
Hangzhou, China

Head of Corp Admin and Workplace Management at Alibaba Group
Michael Fischetti
Washington, DC, United States

Federal Acquisitions | Contract Management | Military Healthcare System | J.D. , MBA,

Trusted by Government Contractors, NGOs, Consulting Firms, and Investors